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Great Deal

I was delivering the NYT 65 years ago when I was eight years old and the newspaper cost five cents To get five years subscription for about $200 brings us back to 1950s prices

Great Savings, timely service

I appreciate the option to read the WSJ at a more affordable price. The set-up of the service was complete in a few business days and it works great!

as promised

wsj started within 4 days of complaints, everything good so far

Good service

Excellent service, much better than the customer service at WSJ

Bloomberg News + Businessweek 2-Year (Digital) Subscription

All good

I still don't know how this works, but it works great. Significant savings. Thanks for the service.

Best Price to Value Offer

Great opportunity to saving lots of subscription costs.

Great Services

Have used them for a few subscriptions, great service and great pricing!!

Great deal, fast confirmation within a day!

Odd, but great deal!

I wasn’t real clear on how the arrangement with Top works, but the arrangement is great and the pricing is fantastic. I’m loving my WSJ subscription!


Great Customer Service!!

It's a Great Deal!

I had a half-price all access digital subscription to the New York Times ($12.95/month including access to the crossword) based on my veteran status and membership in Veterans Advantage. When I called the NYT 10 days ago to renew my 1/2 price subscription (which is still advertised on their website as well as on Veterans Advantage’s website) I was told that this "was not an active offer” (really?). Prior to calling the Times a quick web search led me to the Top Subscription Deals 5-year digital subscription (does NOT include the crossword but it can be added for $19.95/year directly with NYTimes) for a grand total of $216.45 including tax ($3.61/month; it would be $5.27/month if I add back access to the crossword). What’s not to like? Super easy to do online.

The New York Times 5-Year (Digital) Subscription

Works great

Switched from Barnes and Noble nook edition. This is so much better, sorry I didn’t switch sooner.

Wall Street Journal Subscription

The only publication that I know that gives both insightful news articles and business articles in a very objective way!

The WSJ, the only balanced news

Great service and price. The WSJ is the only balanced, objective news service out there. And you get all in one, great news, financial and all the rest in one well written objective paper.

Outstanding subscription service

Purchased Barron's Print and Digital Subscription and received the first delivery of the paper the same week.

Bloomberg News + Businessweek 2-Year (Digital) Subscription

Wall Street Journal (Digital) 1-Year Subscription

Bloomberg at a favorable price

The least expensive way to purchase Bloomberg News. Unconventional sign-on method, but it works. I communicated with Top Subscriptions a couple of times. They got back to me quickly and were responsive. All in all, Top Subscriptions delivered exactly what they promised and I am pleased.

Transaction as promised, thanks!

good value, good communications....

WSJ always great! Working with Top Subscriptions was first rate AND a great deal.

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