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WSJ Subscription

Easy to sign up and delivery started the day it was supposed to.

Failure to respond

My subscription was supposed to start last week. You failed to respond to my email or phone call. Hopefully it will start this Saturday

All as planned

Have not received first issues


I’m always reluctant with 3rd party subscriptions however this one has been great. Good price and on time delivery. Very happy.

WSJ print

I have not been receiving print delivery consistently
Last week only received 2 days
This week once on Monday and nothing today

Great service!

Great service from the team and they delivered on time, as promised

Someone else’s name is on my subscription

Please correct my name.

Subscription was fast, easy and prompt delivery of paper. Only complaint is they could not extend existing account I had and I have not received new account information.

Cannot login on brand new iphone

I have indicated this problem since purchase. I just received new IPhone. Still cannot login. Terrible!!!!!!!!!


Subscription started and delivered right on time happy to say.

Customer Pleased

The purchase I made was an extension to my current subscription which will end on 7/5/2024. I am happy with the service I get from Top Subscription Deals. Especially the cost savings as compared to dealing with the WSJ corp. Thankyou

Excellent vendor

Clear, easy subscription process, very competitive pricing, good communication


Wall Street Journal subscription at an exceptional price, everything worked perfectly.

Wall Street Journal Subscription

My husband and I read the WSJ paper every morning with our coffee. Without it, the day simply doesn't start out right. Since we retired over 20 years ago, we can't afford the regular rates and are so grateful to have discovered Top Subscriptions with its 50%-plus discount on the Journal. Thank you!

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Excellent communication

I was having difficulty accessing my subscription. I sent an email and less than 24 hours later I received a response, they reset my info and I immediately acted the site.

Responsive company

My subscription hasn't started yet, but so far every question I had was answered promptly, courteously and thoroughly. I hope that the same will remain true when the subscription starts.

Great newspaper

Ideal newspaper for investors and traders. Gives insight and common sense approach to research on stocks and economy. Up to you to extract from unlimited insight.

Starting out

Once the initial bumps of carrier delivery was settled, things are doing well and the paper is being properly delivered.

Barron’s Print and Digital

Have not received either yet

Great Price

Found the best price for WSJ print delivery on the web here.

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Expedited Processing Time

Digital subscription delivery starts within one week.

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