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The Wall Street Journal is now available under the subscription format and this bit of news is sure to excite readers of this top US print medium. A subscription coupon is an arrangement where you pay advance cash for the newspaper and earn discounts in the process. Hence, this format of news reading saves you cash and that is the reason, why it is gaining popularity in the United States. The WSJ was perhaps always your preferred news medium because of the detailed coverage it offers. There is in depth analysis of general news and the business segment reporting of this daily, is just unmatched. Hence, it has been satisfactory from the point of news coverage and recently with the subscriptions introduced, it just could not have been better. It offers cash savings and naturally you would be eager to benefit from this arrangement. There is however an application process to make here and it is a bit in this regard that we would like to say something.

We intend to clearly communicate that one must not send the application for WSJ subscription directly to the source. There are applications directly accepted at the source, but just too many readers are identifying the source, as an application submission point. Hence, at the source one runs into a rather lengthy application processing time and there is no one to answer personal queries such as Wall Street Journal rate. Hence, that is just the reason for us to suggest that you avoid the source and rather look to place the application with this top subscription agency. It is with the agency that the subscription application processing will be a lot quicker. If it took months at the source, here it could be over within a week. They will update you on the best deals and the experience will be a lot better, than applying at the source.

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