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If you are looking for trustworthy information on cars and car racing, Autoweek, the renowned car culture magazine published from Detroit, Michigan, is your best bet. First published in July 1958 as Competition Press and now owned by Crain Communications Inc, the journal not only provides you with detailed reviews on new automobiles and latest vehicle trends, but also provides everything you need to know on rare cars that are considered collectors’ dream. That apart, the magazine also provides relevant details as much on big racing events like National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), Formula One and the Indianapolis 500, as on other minor events held across the country. Therefore if you are a racing enthusiast, you cannot do without Autoweek either. They also cover automotive lifestyle stories and drivers’ interviews, which may also interest you. DIYs are also an interesting feature of this publication.

So, you may be thinking of buying a new car just for day-to-day use or maybe you are toying with the idea of adding one more automobile to your already existing fleet; in any case, it is always wise to go through the Autoweek magazine before making any move. Moreover, you can be sure that the information they provide is hundred percent genuine. It is not for nothing that they have a total circulation of 280,000 and you must admit that this is quite big a number for specialized publication like this. It is published twice a month and one year print subscription from us Top Subscriptions, does not really cost much. It is by far cheaper than picking up individual copies from the stand. Therefore, you will not lose anything if you give Autoweek a chance. You can also go for online subscription edition of this magazine, but try the paper edition for a more intimate experience. There is nothing like the touch or the smell of a print copy to lift your spirit up.

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